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Hunter's Protection
Enjoy nature to it's fullest - both during the hunt and after. Protect your ears from explosive noises that occur while hunting.
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Michigan's Premiere Provider of Hearing Aids
The Doctors of Audiology and experienced, friendly staff at Ear Center Audiology have dedicated themselves to helping the hearing-impaired community for over 25 years.
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Our Experienced Staff
Highly qualified Doctors of Audiology and Support Staff are ready to ensure you have nothing short of an amazing experience.
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Hearing Issues can be a Concern at Any Age
Our Audiologists understand that hearing disabilities can occur at any stage in life. If you have concerns, contact Ear Center Audiology today to set up your appointment.
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Your Benefits May Cover Hearing Aids
Ask one of our staff if your benefits include coverage for audiology tests, hearing aids, and maintenance visits.
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Our Range of Audiological Services

Hearing Aid Assessment ECA Senior and Elderly

Hearing Exam/Testing

We provide exams and hearing tests to best identify your needs.

Beautiful older woman at doctors office getting hearing aids

Cleaning/Repair Services

We assist in the maintenance of your hearing device.

ECA Close-up of a doctors hand holding modern hearing aid for senior people


We have supplies that may be purchased for your devices.

Cerum Wax removal Improves Hearing ECA

Cerumen Removal

We help you make sure your 

ears are clean and clear.

A VERY Simple Process

Ear Center Audiology Procedures for Hearing Assessments

We have a simple process for determining your hearing needs.


Hearing Test and Ear Exam

The doctor will give a thorough check of your ears to find potential concerns. A specialized hearing (audio) test will be performed to assess hearing range.


Assessment and Recommendations

Your Audiologist will provide a final assessment and recommend treatment and/or hearing devices to increase your ability to hear based on your test results.

ECA examine Childs ear