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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What I Should Bring As A New Patient?

  • Drivers License or Government Issued Identification Card
  • Insurance Card
  • Medications List
  • Primary Care Physician Contact information: Name, Phone Number, City.
  • Alternate Contact Information: Name, Number, address and/or email address.
  • Friend or Family Member
  • If having a hearing exam performed, you may need to bring with you a prescription for the hearing exam, prescribed by your PCP. (For Medicare and other insurances which do not have hearing benefits).
  • If you have already had a hearing exam performed in the last 6 months, please bring a copy of your audiogram to your appointment.

Does insurance cover hearing aids?

Each insurance company offers different packages of hearing aid coverage. Some plans may cover a set of hearing aids completely, while other plans may contribute only a portion of the total cost. We are participating providers of many different insurance plans and we can help you determine what kind of coverage you may have.

How much do hearing aids cost?

The level of technology determines the cost of the hearing instruments, not the size or shape. Hearing aids can become highly specialized focusing on features such as fast-processing speech recognition, Bluetooth streaming for music and cell phone calls, and rechargeable options. The many options available in hearing aids allow Audiologists to help you find the right hearing aid and personalize it just for you.

Do I need an appointment to talk with someone about hearing aids?

We welcome walk-ins and are happy to answer any questions you may have about insurances, hearing aids brands and current options. For a full hearing evaluation, we require a scheduled appointment to ensure we have enough time dedicated to assessing your hearing health and needs.

Can we help with Tinnitus?

There are a variety of products available today to mask tinnitus. We can help find the right solution for you.

Do we work with hearing aids purchased elsewhere?

We work with all major manufacturers and can service most hearing aids including programming, repairs and supplies.

Do we carry supplies and batteries for hearing aids?

We carry hearing aid batteries for all sizes and can special-order rechargeable batteries specific for your hearing aids. We carry in stock several different brands and sizes of domes, wax filters, earmold tubing and more. If you may not know exactly what supplies you need, call one of our offices and our staff will be happy to look up your hearing aid information to determine what you need.

What kind of phone can I use with my Bluetooth hearing aids?

Whether you have an Android or iPhone, we can find the right Bluetooth hearing aids for you. If you aren’t exactly sure what kind of phone you have, we can look up your model information and see if it is compatible. Still hanging on to your flip-phone? Most manufactures make streaming remotes that can wirelessly connect your flip-phone to your hearing aids and allow you to use your hearing aids to stream music, phone calls and more!

Can I use a regular battery in my rechargeable hearing aids?

Newer rechargeable hearing aids do allow the use of a regular hearing aid battery when the rechargeable battery dies and you cannot get to the charger. If you are interested in rechargeable hearing aids or have questions about your current rechargeable hearing aids, we can help determine which brands and styles are compatible with regular batteries.