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Child hearing exam. Diagnosis of impairment and hearing testing in children. Girl during an ear checkup with an audiologist

Hearing Exam

A comprehensive hearing exam can be used to medically evaluate and diagnose hearing loss. It can also be used to prescribe a hearing instrument that will most effectively help your hearing.
We provide a full comprehensive exam which includes a pure tones frequency test as well as a speech recognition test, both are necessary to fit and program hearing aids to a specific loss.
We always perform an otoscopic exam before we begin to check for any cerumen (ear wax), foreign objects, or signs of fluid, which could impact and skew the results of the hearing exam if missed.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Ear Center Audiology offers the most advanced digital and programmable hearing aids in today’s market.

The new receiver-in-the-ear style has been very successful among our patients because it can be fit with all types of hearing loss.

This style has also made us able to fit our patients with new hearing aids at their first appointment! 
Doctor inserting hearing aid in ear of mature woman, closeup