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Patient Education Materials for Age-Related Hearing Loss Ou, Hua PhD; Squires, Erika S. The Hearing Journal: April 2020 – Volume 73 – Issue 4 –

Was There Really a ‘Sonic Attack’ in Cuba and China? Letter to the Editor (Repost): William A. Yost, PhD, Spatial Hearing Laboratory, College of Health

Effect of Age-Related Hearing Loss on Neuropsychological Test Performance Wong, Christina G. PhD; Rapport, Lisa J. PhD; Stach, Brad A. PhD; Ramachandran, Virginia AuD, PhD

Misophonia: A Neurologic, Psychologic, and Audiologic Complex Danesh, Ali PhD; Aazh, Hashir PhD The Hearing Journal: March 2020 – Volume 73 – Issue 3 –